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The Series 3000 Rotary is the newest design in pressed powder technology. Rotary press have been manufactured in our factory for
over thirty years and have proven their durability and reliability. Add to this advanced electronics and powder distribution, the Series 3000 is, by far, the best value for a rotary press.
flexibility: use with or without an automatic pan feeder
safety: light curtains and lexan guards with interlocks
repeatability: oversize hydraulic reservoir for distortion free operation
quick color change: hopper pivots for instant access
clean operation: vacuum ports at all points where powder residue accumulates
quick tool change: twenty minutes with no special tools or skill requirements
saves ribbon: advanced design minimizes ribbon waste between cycles
compact and mobile: caster mounting makes it portable
economical: new no-waste ribbon advance system
Rotary 3000
new no-waste ribbon advance system


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