Our Products

Equipment, Systems and Integrated Lines to produce Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Industrial products

It’s not just craftsmanship but service and expertise as well. What’s the best cavity size so that the lipstick fits perfectly into the container? How about a cavity design to maximize the esthetics of your product? The solid base of experience that we provide gives you the confidence that your product will be distinctive and unique.
Every Cavalla mold is custom made and constructed of a special aluminum alloy having exceptional cooling and mold release characteristics. Cavalla molds are made to last a very, very long time.
Split molding is still by far the most efficient method of any system and gives the best results with any formulation no matter how difficult.
mold with standard construction for contour shape lipsticks
mold with removable top section for traditional molded products
molds for semi and fully automatic production
molds for cored products
mold for lip balm production
slim line mold
blusher stick mold
mold to produce 50/50 lipsticks
heart shape core mold
molds for custom blending
mold to produce 3 in 1 “bulls eye” sticks
molds for stripped lipsticks
eyeshadow stick mold
molds for paint sticks
mold with standard construction for traditional molded products
mold to produce multiple color blusher sticks
mold for producing cocoa butter sticks
soft molds

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