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There’s only a small time frame available during the refrigeration phase to secure a quality molded product. Cooling either too fast or too slow compromises both quality and production. Our units are designed and constructed specifically for lipsticks and offer the flexibility you need to chill accurately and consistently with any formula.
available in wide range of sizes
consistent temperature across the table surface
Key features
Aluminum refrigerated surface chills quickly and has excellent temperature transfer characteristics
dynamic table top design and construction maintains a consistent and constant temperature across the refrigerated surface - no peaks, no valleys, just uniformity at any point on the surface
surface temperature at the contact point with the mold as low as -25 F
tables are available in a range of sizes from micro to high out put
solidifies product in minutes
temperature as low as -25 F
fully enclosed
Automate the cooling process with our mold advance system. Or simply take advantage of its ability to reach -25? and use it as a standard refrigeration table to improve efficiency.
automated refrigeration system
automated refrigeration system
laboratory refrigeration table
combined mold heating and refrigeration unit

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