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Flexfill bottom up filler

Equipment, Systems and Integrated Lines to produce Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Industrial products

Flexfill is the high speed machine to fill a full range of hot pour products

the bottom up fill, multiple piston arrangement, servo controlled motion and super accurate temperature controlcombination offers the flexibility needed in all production environmentshigh speed – up to 90 fills per minuteuniversal application – perfect for lip gloss, lip balms, cosmetic pencils, stick foundations, deodorant sticksfill any size, any shape containeruse with or without the bottom up fill featureeasily integrates into a complete semi-auto or automatic packaging line

Makes perfect lipsticks always!

If a high reject and rework level is an issue and if complicated formulas are decreasing productivity, our Bottom Up Mold Filling system is the solution.

Filling in the center of the cavities from the bottom to the top

enhances quality and productivity

reduces air bubbles to less than 2%

reduces cold check lines

reduces titanium and other color streaks

consistent quality

higher output

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